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MLB Trade Rumors: Astros Reportedly Making Brett Myers 'Untouchable'

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Leading up to the deadline, the Astros knew they didn't have a ton of marketable players. Roy Oswalt was clearly out in front, but there wasn't much behind him. One possibility to get moved was Brett Myers, a starter with a 3.10 ERA and a solid strikeout rate, but apparently he isn't on the table:

Heard from a good source: Brett Myer is untouchable, won't be traded by Astros. #hounews

Myers has been very good so far this season, and with an $8m mutual option coming up for 2011, the Astros would appear to be of the mind to bring him back at what looks like a good price. You have to wonder, though, whether this is really the right move, given the paucity of available starting pitching right now and the fact that the Astros won't be contenders a year from now. If someone offers a good prospect or two for Myers, it sure seems like it would be in Houston's best interests to take it without thinking twice.

Of course, this may not even be true. It is rumor season, after all. As the world turns...