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MLB Trade Rumors: Ted Lilly A Good Possibility For Phillies, Dodgers

With Cliff Lee and Dan Haren long gone and Roy Oswalt proving difficult to get, Ted Lilly has stepped up to become maybe the most desirable and acquirable starting pitcher on the market. One issue is the ~$4m he has left in 2010 salary, but indications are the Cubs may be willing to take on some of the cost in order to move him for a return:

The 34-year-old left-hander has more than $4 million left on his $13 million salary for this year. But the Cubs have indicated a willingness in recent days to take some of that money.

By being willing to absorb some salary, the Cubs make Lilly a good fit for both the Dodgers and the Phillies, each of whom is in the market for a starter, and each of whom is working with a very tight budget. As a matter of fact, Ed Price was talking about a possible Lilly/J.A. Happ deal earlier Wednesday afternoon, and while that hasn't come to fruition, Lilly could end up getting traded at any moment. His good command and strong performance over three starts since the All-Star break make him a very appealing piece.