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Houston Dynamo = orange. Just so everyone knows

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HOUSTON – I have this love-hate thing with traditional media and soccer.

Coming into the game tonight I’m listening to the local ESPN sports radio station. They have a remote going from Reliant Stadium.

The fellow doing the remote did his little and dance about eating burritos or something. Then he noted curiously that there sure were a lot Red Devils shirts, and said there don’t appear to be any “MLS shirts here,” implying that everyone was here to see Manchester United. Well, certainly there are a lot of fans here to see Manchester United. It’s a global brand, of course.

But I was hoping someone around would walk up to the guy and say something like this: “Uh, yo, man. You see all these orange shirts around you? You are aware that the local team wears orange, right? You did that much home work, didn’t you? Because nobody out here is going to be wearing an ‘MLS shirt,’ whatever that is.”


I like when mainstream media jumps on the soccer bandwagon – but I know it’s going to be attached to a couple of eye rolls.