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Mack Brown Claims Sergio Kindle's Narcolepsy Was Possible Reason For Fall

Mack Brown has an interesting theory as to why his former player Sergio Kindle fell down two flights of stairs at a friend's home late last week: he blacked out because of his narcolepsy.

At Big 12 media day on Wednesday, according to's Chip Brown, the Texas coach said Kindle's fall,  which fractured his skull and will force him to miss Ravens training camp, might have been caused by narcolepsy.

The condition hasn't exactly been a secret, as it's been reported that the linebacker takes prescription medication for narcolepsy and attention deficit disorder. However, it was said coming into the draft that he could slip on draft boards because of health concerns associated with his possible need for microfracture surgery on his knee. While that concern superseded other medical concerns, it's clear that the team with have to impress on him the need to better monitor his medication intake if his condition truly was the reason behind the fall.