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MLB Trade Rumors: Phillies, Astros Discuss Three- Or Four-Team Roy Oswalt Deal

I think we all knew from the beginning that any Roy Oswalt trade would be complicated, at least in terms of salary coverage. Buster Olney introduces another layer on top of that one:

Heard this: The Phillies' trade for Roy Oswalt that has been discussed is likely to include three or four teams -- if it happens.

Not much of a surprise, given the trouble the Phillies (and other teams) have had trying to find the right fit for Oswalt. Of course, generally speaking, whenever we hear about three- or four-team trade rumors, we can assume that they'll almost certainly break apart before coming to fruition. Still, this is one to keep in mind. If the Astros intend to move Oswalt to the Phillies, it seems they'll have to get creative.