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Drew Brees An Avid Supporter Of The Drew Brees Arts



One could try to argue that Drew Brees is defiantly likable, but there is no effort to his likability, nor would you be inclined to challenge it. If the abstract quality of likability were somehow granted human form and that human form decided to start a Twitter account, Drew Brees would be its avatar. And you would follow that account and retweet all its messages, just so Drew Brees' face could keep showing up in your feed.


All of this besotted rambling, of course, is just a way to preface Drew Brees doing yet another awesome thing. in this case, it's buying a 41-inch painting that a fan did of the Saints quarterback hoisting his son after winning the Super Bowl. Appearing at a mall in Mississippi mall to sign autographs, Brees was approached by high school art teacher David Magee, who hoped to pay to have the painting signed. Instead, Brees opted to buy it on the spot for an undisclosed sum.


Drew Brees then proceeded to do a Care Bear Stare, effectively wiping all malicious thoughts from anyone within sight. But in a cool way that didn't seem too intrusive.