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MLB Trade Rumors: Rockies Out On Jorge Cantu, May Sell

It wasn't long ago that the Rockies looked primed to make a run at the playoffs, but a post-break slump has dropped them into fourth place in the NL West, eight behind San Diego and six behind San Francisco for the Wild Card. Result? They probably won't be looking to buy, and may even consider selling a little bit. Says Ken Rosenthal:

#Rockies out on Cantu; Helton begins rehab Friday. Cook could go; #Phillies among interested. Hawpe also in play. 4-5 teams on Beimel. #MLB

The Rockies were previously considered strong contenders for Jorge Cantu, along with the Rangers and Giants. Brad Hawpe has a .780 OPS as an offense-first corner outfielder, while Aaron Cook has a 4.78 ERA out of the rotation and Joe Beimel has been moderately effective as a bullpen lefty.