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Alex Rodriguez Remains At 599 Home Runs Again In Yankee Romp Over Indians

The Yankees whooped up on the Indians Wednesday evening, knocking Fausto Carmona out in the third inning en route to an easy 8-0 win. The win helped keep the Yankees' lead in the AL East at two games over Tampa Bay. But while the team celebrated, Alex Rodriguez failed again in his quest to hit one more home run. His performance:

-RBI single

-pop out



-fly out

Alex will give career home run number 600 another try Thursday night against Mitch Talbot and the same Indians. A-Rod has only faced Talbot three times, hitting a single, striking out, and getting beaned. As Talbot is a right-handed groundball pitcher, going deep will once again not be an easy task, but, hey, any day now. I wonder how much longer we'll wait before we go back to saying Alex can't hit under pressure.