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Sounder At Heart: Seattle Dominance Over Metapan Didn't Translate To Scoresheet

"[The] Seattle side was clearly better," according to SB Nation Seattle Sounders FC blog Sounder At Heart, an observation supported by the statistical record.  Seattle had fifteen shots, five on goal.  Visiting Isidro Metapán?  Two and one.

That dominance didn't translate where it matters: on the scoreboard.  Still, as Dave Clark notes, Seattle is in control:

This was one of those matches like we saw early in the year, where the Seattle side was clearly better. The difference is that the fluke goal went in their favor. The 1-nil win isn't as good as it should have been, but it puts them in the driver seat.

It means that as long as Seattle has the edge heading towards the second leg. Any result down in El Salvador with Metapan +1 Goal (except a 1-nil) means that Seattle advances to the Group stage. If the aggregate is tied at 1-1 after regulation in the next match we will see extra time, and then a Penalty Shootout.

Dave has more from the match at Sounder at Heart: full match report, boxscore, and post-match quotes from the main actors, not to mention a lively discussion about the night's result. You can read more in Sounders Dominate, but Edge Metapan In 1st Leg of CCL.