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Roy Oswalt Trade To Phillies Includes Jonathan Singleton, Or Doesn't

Some semi-conflicting info is coming out about the prospects going to Houston in the Roy Oswalt Trade. Says Jayson Stark:

While the Phillies prospects have not been identified, sources said the Astros have pressed hard for first baseman Jonathan Singleton, considered the team's best minor-league hitting prospect.

But adds Ken Rosenthal:

Hearing A) Singleton not in deal and B) #Phillies getting less than 12M, though number is in that range. Educated guess: 10-11M

Singleton is an 18 year old first baseman in A-ball, where he's hit .312/.418/.526 on the year with 12 home runs and as many walks as strikeouts. He's a pretty good young prospect, and a pretty good young prospect who doesn't appear to be involved in this deal.

So we're back to Matt Rizzotti and Vance Worley. We'll see where it goes from here.