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Roy Oswalt's 2012 Option Year Will Not Be Picked Up As Condition Of Trade

One of the big sticking points in the whole Roy Oswalt saga has been his $16m 2012 option. Oswalt had said for a while that, if he was to be traded, he wanted his new team to pick up that option. There aren't a lot of teams who felt like committing that much money if they didn't have to. However, while that may have been troublesome before, Ken Rosenthal reports that the Phillies and Oswalt have reached some sort of resolution:

Sources: Deal still not done. "Indications favorable," details remain. 2012 option will NOT be exercised. (More)
Oswalt will be compensated for waiving no-trade in some other way.

At this point we can only guess how Oswalt will be compensated, but the Phillies will likely be happy to do anything other than guarantee him $16m in two years.