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Redskins Training Camp: Albert Haynesworth Fails Conditioning Test

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Albert Haynesworth had a rough offseason after his agent publicly requested a trade and he refused to show up for all but one day of offseason activities.

He's arrived at Redskins training camp and things aren't getting off to a great start, according to Jay Glazer of on Twitter.

Sources tell me haynesworth did NOT pass his conditioning test 2day. He made it thru 1st part but not 2nd and prob won't be allowed 2 practice w the team in team drills

I was told they made albert run 2 300 yd shuttle runs. Basically 12 fifty yard sprints

To Ken Meringolo of Hogs Haven, the news is not surprising.

Can we all kind of discuss what is less surprising: Haynesworth failing his physical or Malcolm Kelly missing the beginning of camp with a hamstring injury? How is Kelly going to convince Shanahan to trust him if he can't be on the field?

Many teams in NFL training camps make players pass a conditioning test which is usually some sort of set of sprints that must be completed in a certain amount of time.

If Haynesworth had attended the offseason activities, he wouldn't have been required to take the conditioning test.

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