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Anthony Gose Will Go To Houston In Roy Oswalt Trade

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We already knew that J.A. Happ would be part of the package to land Roy Oswalt. Jim Salisbury gives us another name:

Gose and Happ are definite, sources say.

Gose is a soon-to-be 20 year old center fielder who's hit .263/.325/.385 with A+ Clearwater. He runs very well, having stolen 76 bases a year ago and having hit 11 triples already this season, and he has defensive upside in the middle. As a groundball hitter, though, his power potential is extremely limited, and he strikes out a lot, with 103 whiffs against just 32 walks in 461 trips to the plate. He profiles a lot like another Michael Bourn, but he's still a ways away.

Right now, it seems that the package will end up being Happ, Gose, and the previously-named Vance Worley.