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Jonathan Villar Is Third Piece Of Roy Oswalt Trade To Phillies

So much for Vance Worley. Says Ken Rosenthal:

The players in the Oswalt deal, which is still not official: J.A. Happ, OF Anthony Gose, SS Jonathan Villan.

Note that that's a typo, and his name is actually Jonathan Villar. Villar is a 19 year old shortstop with A-ball Lakewood, who's hit .272/.332/.358 with 38 stolen bases. He's known for his defense and his subpar plate discipline has been exposed against Sally League competition, but he's still managed to hold his own as a teenager, and is a fringe top-10 organizational prospect.

So, Happ, Villar, and Gose, with the Astros picking up a substantial part of Oswalt's salary. From where I sit, this is looking like a real win for the Phillies.