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MLB Trade Rumors: Still No Clear Front-Runner To Land Adam Dunn

On Thursday afternoon, two days before the trade deadline, contradictory reports are flying regarding the eventual destination of Nationals slugger Adam Dunn. Firstly, the New York Post reports that the Yankees and Rays are out of the mix:

The Yankees consider the current asking price steep and would only deliver that kind of package for a game-changing necessity, such as Cliff Lee, not for someone they consider a luxury, such as Dunn. [...] Dunn has spent his entire career in the NL, so he has never DH'ed regularly and has said repeatedly he does not want to be exclusively a DH.

Similar worries also – coincidentally – moved the Yankees’ nearest AL East pursuer, the Rays, away from Dunn, as well.

Buster Olney, however, tweets that while discussions between the Nationals and Yankees/Rays aren't active for the time being, the A.L. East rivals are still in it.

The Nationals say they're not engaged with the NYY at the moment, but the NYY seem to be hovering --as are the Rays

Olney also passes along word that the White Sox are counting themselves out:

Heard this: The White Sox are saying internally that they are currently out of the mix on Dunn.

So! To recap: the Yankees and Rays are possibly still in pursuit of Dunn, even though he's only a good fit with either team as a designated hitter, and Dunn does not want to be a designated hitter. Of course, Dunn doesn't have a say in whether he's traded, so he may end up being somewhere he doesn't want to be.

And nobody's saying he won't finish the season in Washington, either.

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