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Redskins Training Camp: Joey Galloway Works With First-Team Offense

39-year-old receiver Joey Galloway split the 2009 season between the Patriots and the Steelers, appeared in three games and caught seven passes for grand total of 67 yards.

Those kind of numbers would suggest he's in the final flushes of a long and somewhat distinguished NFL career. Yet there he was on Thursday at the opening of training camp working with the Redskins first-team offense in lieu of either Malcolm Kelly or Devin Thomas, the two 2008 second-round picks that Washington has waited to emerge as viable threats in the passing game.

It's unlikely that Galloway will remain in the role for long and that his work with the first team is a motivational tactic. Nevertheless, it's a clear message that it might be now or never for the young wideouts. Failing that, Thomas may have to be content to continue his career as a music video model.