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MLB Trade Rumors: Diamondbacks Trying Hard To Move Edwin Jackson, Chris Snyder

For those teams looking for a starter or a catcher, the Diamondbacks are here to help:

The Arizona Diamondbacks are trying hard to deal pitcher Edwin Jackson and catcher Chris Snyder by Saturday's trade deadline. Jackson is scheduled to make $8.35 million next year and Snyder is set to make $5.75 million.

Jackson has posted a 5.16 ERA and decent strikeout rate through 21 starts, while Snyder has recently been supplanted by the younger, cheaper Miguel Montero.

It's known that the Nationals really like Edwin Jackson, so they could be a good fit for the starter. Less clear is who would take Snyder, at least right now - he would likely be a lot easier to move come the offseason. Still, if one or both of these players remain in Arizona after Saturday, it won't be for lack of trying on Jerry Dipoto's part.