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MLB Trade Rumors: Brewers No Longer Selling Prince Fielder, Corey Hart

With Corey Hart's recent injury, the odds of his getting traded were incredibly low. And though teams have been talking about Prince Fielder, his cost was always higher than most any team would be willing to pay. So, already, it didn't look like Fielder or Hart were going to get moved before the trade deadline. And via Keith Law, we get additional confirmation, albeit for a different reason than expected:

After all the talk about possibly moving Prince Fielder or Corey Hart, or even a couple of relievers or starting pitcher Dave Bush, the Milwaukee Brewers are closed for business, reports ESPN Insider's Keith Law.

"They have decided they're close enough to contention that they're not selling, so Hart and Fielder are off the market," Law said, citing an executive from a rival club that was interested in a Brewers player.

The Brewers, right now, are nine back in the division and ten back in the Wild Card, so they're not going to be going to the playoffs. That said, both Hart and Fielder remain under team control next season, so it's possible the Brewers think they can gear up to make a real run in 2011.

Whatever the case, it doesn't look like Fielder or Hart are going to get dealt, the former of whom will increase Washington's leverage with Adam Dunn.