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Thursday's MLB Trade Rumors: With Posada Ailing, Yankees May Look For Catcher Before Deadline

With only two days left before the MLB trade deadline, the New York Yankees' concern over the health of their catcher, Jorge Posada, may compel them to shop for some help behind the plate. From the New York Post:

A cyst behind Jorge Posada's left knee forced him to miss Tuesday night's game against the Indians and relegated him to DH duty last night.

After a solid start, [backup catcher] Francisco Cervelli has come back to earth, both with his hitting and his fielding. Chad Moeller is Triple-A insurance.

The Yankees have reportedly expressed interest in Adam Dunn, but Posada's issues may throw a wrench into that plan -- Dunn would only make sense as a designated hitter, and they'd have to pull Posada and his .834 OPS to make room for him.

If the Yankees decide to shop for a catcher, the market is a little thin this year, but there are some possibilities. The Blue Jays, whose odds of reaching the playoffs grow slimmer by the day may be willing to deal John Buck, whose contract expires at the end of the season. Buck is hitting .279 with 14 home runs.

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