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Dale Jr wins the NASCAR Nationwide race at Daytona driving the #3 car

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Lame title right?  It should be a screaming title.  It should be shouting out at you to pay attention, but it doesn't because it can't.  Why?  Because all of you are screaming louder about Dale Earnhardt Jr's victory than the title could ever do.

What a finish!  I missed the whole entire race except for the last 3 laps. 

I was getting ready to get out my lap top and contribute to the Open Race Thread here at NASCAR RnR but as I turned on the TV and saw that yellow and blue Chevy behind the pace car with 4 laps left I forgot about the computer.

In fact I told the kids to sit back down because Daddy wasn't putting them to bed just then and that they would have to wait a few minutes.

I walked towards the TV, stepped over my daughter who was laying on the floor and stood there silent looking at who was lining up around Jr and running through about 50 or so scenarios of how it was all going to play out.

Somewhere behind me in the far distance came some instructions to my son from my wife, "Oh you better sit down and stay out of Daddy's way, this is gonna be big." 

"Clearly an understatement dear," I thought. 

"This isn't gonna be big, this is gonna be historical," I incoherently mumbled as I watched the pace car with its lights out take them into turn three.  No one heard.  "Just as good anyway," I thought, as they don't truly understand the significance of this day as much as die hard NASCAR fans do - at least the ones who care for the sport, and I'm not talking about Earnhardt fans either.

I'm focused now, every fibre in my body is channelling on the Wrangler machine as I watch it move towards the start/finish line to take the green flag.

The TV switches to Jr's bumper cam and I see Logano so far up Jr's butt I'm thinking that the three car is no longer a virgin anymore and I'm getting worried that Logano is going to go too far and wreck Jr going into turn one.

Logano backs off and Jr leads them out of turn 2.  Now I'm worried that Harvick and The Kes are going to get that outside lane rolling into turn 3 but it doesn't materialize - "So far anyway," I think.

The Hendrick powered Richard Childress chasis owned by Jr Motorsports flashes by to take the white flag.

My Son then says, "Where is the Mario car?"

"Not there," I reply then add, "But the guy who drives it is behind Earnhardt."

"Oh," my Son says with some hesitation.  He then says, "Come on 20!"

"He's too young to understand," I think to myself, but I still unintentionally shoot him 'The Look' - I couldn't help it - this, as my wife said, was big.

"Wait!" my inner voice screams, "The race isn't over!"

I turn my head to the TV again with any feelings of guilt disappearing as I watch the Wrangler logo disappear into turn one.

Now I'm screaming at the TV for Jr. to stay low coming out of the corner as I noticed that Logano dropped back to get a push from the car behind him.

I tell my daughter to she better get up because I don't want to step on her and she just stares at me with a glassy-eyed-half-asleep look on her face and rolls over.  "At least she rolled away from the TV,"  I think.

I then turn back to the TV and see Logano peaking high and I think, "Oh man here it comes, Logano's got a run and all Jr. can do is block it and hope for the best."   But a funny thing happens, nobody goes with Logano.  I then think, "Oh man that is great the car (Ragan?) behind Logano is waiting for him to pull out and for Jr. to lay the block on Logano while he dives under both of them going into the corner to take the lead.  Smart."

But it doesn't happen, Logano sees that too and pulls back in line.

Now they're in turn 3 and I'm cranked!  I'm screaming, "Stay low!"  over and over while at the same time running over to my son picking him up.

As Jr. exits turn 4 I know the race is over and he has won, there isn't enough track left for Logano to make the pass and Jr. is far enough in front of Logano that he can't lay the bumper to him either.

Now I'm jumping up and down with my son in my arms screaming, "He's won, he's won!" as Jr takes the checkers.

My son has now also forgot about 'The Look' and is enjoying Daddy's little outburst.  My daughter on the other hand looks at me when I bend down to kiss her and says, "I'm thirsty."

We all stop and look at each other and then burst out laughing.

"One water coming up Baby Luv," I say as I dance into the kitchen with a deep satisfaction of knowing what I just saw tonight was historical in the epic sense - at least to those of us who get it - and also knowing that when my kids are old enough to understand it they can say they saw it too - but they'll probably remember my antics and the big laugh that my daughter caused with her deadpan drink request more than the last 3 laps of that race, which is OK because those will be good memories (as they should be).  

It was a feel good moment for those of us who watched the race with vivid memories of the #3 car driven by The Intimidator and for those of us, like my kids, who never saw Dale Earnhardt  race but who watched our fathers and mothers screaming at the TV tonight cheering on a car fitted with one of The Intimidator's historical paint jobs, driven by the one person in NASCAR that bears more weight on his shoulders than anyone should about the loss of his father.