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Wimbledon Final: Serena Williams Leads Vera Zvonareva 4-3, On Serve

There haven’t been any breaks thus far in the 2010 Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles final, which has been an incredibly well played affair through the first seven games.

Both players are hitting the ball extremely hard and toward the lines, though Serena looks to be the steadier of the two. Zvonareva has been able to stay even thus far, but she looks to be pressing a bit, playing just a little out of her comfort zone.

Strangely, the chair umpire in this final is Mariana Alves, the chair umpire who was so wrong on so many calls during Serena’s loss at the 2004 US Open that she is almost single-handedly responsible for the challenge system tennis now uses.

Considering she was the chair umpire at that match as well as in Serena’s controversial loss at the 2003 French Open to Justine Henin, it’s pretty baffling as to why they would pick her for this occasion.