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World Cup 2010, Argentina Vs. Germany: Nicolas Otamendi Picks Up Match's First Yellow Card

After what was far from the most egregious tackle of the first 11 minutes, Nicolás Otamendi's difficult start against Germany got worse when he was shown a yellow card.

Otamendi's tackle on Arne Friedrich deep in the Germany end brought out the card, though Otamendi could have been carded eight minutes earlier, cynically taking down Lukas Podolski after the winger had played a  ball past him.  The card stayed in Ravstan Irmatov's pocket, though Germany scored on the ensuing set piece, Otamendi having lost goal scorer Thomas Müller on the play.

Minutes before Otamendi's first foul, Miroslav Klose committed what appeared to be a caution-worthy tackle on Maxi Rodríguez,  though only in the second minute of the match, Irmatov kept his card in his pocket.

The match is now in the 15th minute, with Germany maintaining a 1-0 lead.