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Tour De France Live: Prologue Turns Rainy, Riders Get Cautious

The first stage of the Tour de France really may be a prologue in the truest sense of the word, since rain has swept in on the course and turned the 8.9 km sprint from an all out run through the streets of Rotterdam into a cautious warm-up for following stages.

Before the rain set in Tony Martin of HTC set a scorching pace in the time trial with a 10’10" run. Subsequent runs were far more cautious, however, as the rain made the white lines slick and slowed many riders who, looking forward to the mountain stages and beyond, powered down and aimed for respectable times.

Even with discretion ruling the day so far, Geraint Thomas of England sits in second with a 10’ 23" for the stage, with Tyler Farrar of Garmin in third right now with a 10’ 28".