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LeBron James' Free Agency Meetings: Sopranos, Family Guy, And General Weirdness

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LeBron James has not made a decision yet, or at least, he hasn't announced it. There are no concrete developments to report here. But LeBron's meetings with the Knicks and Cavaliers must be addressed, because reports indicate that they were completely absurd.

First, the Knicks. James Gandolfini, who has been trying to coax LeBron to New York for quite a while, ramped up his efforts on Thursday. And this is how he did it:

Before they talked about love and basketball with LeBron James, the Knicks opened their video presentation Thursday with a scene from a LeBron favorite. Suddenly James Gandolfini and Edie Falco were Tony and Carmela Soprano, maybe for the last time, and the look on LeBron's face said he was hoping this show would last an hour or three.

Tony hadn't been killed off by David Chase after all. He was wearing a beard and living with his wife under the cover of the witness protection program, and Tony was telling Carmela he had an important friend coming to town. A friend who needed a place to stay. A friend named LeBron James.

This... are you reading this? The Sopranos, one of the most popular shows in television history, famously ended with a question mark, leaving fans to wonder forever. Then Gandolfini comes back, recruits his on-screen wife, and films an epilogue SPECIFICALLY FOR LEBRON which is ABOUT LEBRON. Is this scene considered to be in canon with the rest of the show? It has to be, right?

We now know that Tony Soprano did not die in the diner that day. We have LeBron James to thank for this, and he hasn't even announced a decision yet. "A friend named LeBron James." I still can't get over how fan-fictiony that sounds.

On to non-television matters: here are reports describing the Cavs' meeting with LeBron -- oh, is this about television too? This is about television too. Nevermind. Here's a couple of tweets from Brian Windhorst on Saturday:

Sources say #Cavs showed LeBron a custom cartoon they created with James & his friends as characters that referenced many inside jokes.

Was done in Family Guy style, which is one of James' favorite shows. [...]

Apparently, the feeling shared by NBA suits is that the way to LeBron's heart is through his television. And maybe it is. Strangely, I'm sort of touched by these gestures. This isn't to say that the Knicks and Cavs can't make compelling arguments to claim LeBron, but both these teams are aware that the Bulls -- for the moment -- are considered the front-runners. Undeterred, they spare absolutely no effort, going as far as to produce TV shows for him. D'awwww.

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