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World Cup 2010, Spain Vs. Paraguay: Spain Held Without A Shot In First Half

Paraguay has used pressure high in midfield to disrupt Spain's ability to get into attack, forcing Spain into a number of first half turnovers, keeping La Furia Roja from putting a shot on goal during a scoreless first half in Johannesburg.

Paraguay has the half's only shot, a Jonathan Santana roller from 20 yards out that was easily saved by Iker Casillas.  The Parguayans also have the half's  only goal, a Nelson Valdez tally that never was, the play having been whistled offside before the crowd's gasps.

Spain's closest chance came in the 29th minute, a volley from Xavi Hernández that nearly dipped into the upper left hand corner from 22 yards out.  Spain, however, has been stifled by a Gerardo Martino set-up that's daring Spain to play wide (specifically, wide right), an approach the Spaniards have been reluctant to embrace.

The result has left Spain susceptible to the Paraguayan pressure through midfield, with Hernández often being forced to give-up the ball to Xabi Alonso and Sergio Busquets, who have been unable to get the favorites into attack.