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World Cup 2010, Spain Vs. Paraguay: Xabi Alonso Penalty Kick Converted, Then Saved, Keeping Match Scoreless

One minute after Óscar Cardozo missed a penalty kick that would have given Paraguay the lead, Xabi Alonso beat Justo Villar to apparently put Spain in the lead.

Then, the kick was disallowed.

David Villa won a penalty kick when he was fouled from behind by Antolín Alcarez, the Paraguayan defender fortunate to avoid a last-man red card, only earning a yellow.

Alonso stepped-up and converted the penalty kick only to have it disallowed as three Spain players crossed into the arc before Alonso struck the kick.

The second kick was saved by Villar, who guessed correctly in diving to his left, keeping the match scoreless in the 61st minute.

The match is now in the 66th minute, still scoreless.