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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Dwyane Wade 'Intrigued' By Knicks

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(Note: it was originally reported here that Dwyane Wade's second meeting with the Bulls took place on Saturday, when in fact it took place on Friday. This post has since been corrected.)

On Friday, we noted that Dwyane Wade seemed interested in signing with the Chicago Bulls. After a second meeting, he didn't seem as enthused. From NESN:

Wade also had two meetings with the Chicago Bulls on Friday, and was leaning toward the franchise when he entered the second meeting, but wasn’t as confident when he left.

"It's going to take the weekend for everyone to think about what they want to do," Wade said after the second meeting with the Bulls. "This is not an easy decision to make, and everyone thinks it is."

Instead, Wade's attention seems to have shifted to the New York Knicks:

Dwyane Wade was humming a similar tune. He said his meeting with the Knicks on Friday morning in Chicago was "very good," and that he was "intrigued." He even went as far to quote Billy Joel, claiming he was in a "New York state of mind."

And for the four millionth time, our apple cart of assumptions and expectations of this free agency period has been overturned. The Knicks grow closer to signing Amar'e Stoudamire, and at this point they appear unlikely to secure LeBron James. The idea of an Amar'e/D-Wade pairing in New York is just about as intriguing as any other result we could end up with by the end of free agency.

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