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Jim Thome Is Now One Of The Top Ten Home Run Hitters Of All Time

This afternoon, Jim Thome lit up Rays pitcher Wade Davis for two home runs. They were the 573rd and 574th home runs of his career, and just like that, Mr. James Thome passed Harmon Killebrew on the all-time career home run list. He's now in the top ten.

In 2005, many assumed that old Jim's days as an effective hitter were over. Well, in the four full seasons that ensued, he posted OPS+ numbers of 155, 150, 123, and 118. Entering today's game, his OPS+ was 144 in 2010. At 39 years old, and playing for his fifth major-league team, he continues to mash the ball from the designated hitter's spot.

Some other historical notes on Thome, after the jump.

- He is now the fourth most prolific left-handed home run hitter in the history of the game.

- Fifteen years ago, Killebrew -- the man Thome passed on the list today at number ten -- stood at fifth all-time.

- Of all the other hitters in the top ten, only one other man -- Frank Robinson -- played for as many as five teams throughout his career.

- Thome's career OPS+ (146) is just shy of Alex Rodriguez's (147). The obvious difference here is that Thome is keeping it up until age 39.

- JI