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UFC 116 Results: Ricardo Romero Submits Seth Petruzelli

It was a sloppy and ugly but dramatic as jiu jitsu stylist Ricardo Romero came back from a beating at the hands of “Kimbo Killer” Set Petruzelli to win via arm bar at 3:05 of the second round.

The fight opened Spike TV’s live broadcast from the prelimary card of UFC 116 which will be on Pay Per View later.

Petruzelli dominated early, scoring with more than one uppercut that dropped Romero. But Petruzelli, who came into the fight on extremely short notice ran out of gas and made the mistake of going for an armbar on the ground. Seth wasn’t able to force Romero to tap and soon found himself on his back, defending in vain against the fatal arm bar.

The first round was almost as dramatic as the second. Petruzelli scored repeatedly on the feet wih both kicks and punches. But he also was visibly exhausted and allowed Romero to get dangerous positions at multiple points. The final seconds of the first round saw Petruzelli going from beating up Romero on the feet to finding himself on his belly with Romero threatening a rear naked choke as time ran out.