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George Sotiropoulos Dominates Kurt Pellegrino

Two rising lightweights fought a brilliant technical fight as George Sotiropoulos beat Kurt Pellegrino by unanimous decision.

Sotiropoulos beat Pellegrino up on the feet through out the fight, landing jabs seemingly at will and dropping the New Jersey native in the first round.

Pellegrino got the most take downs in the fight, but he did little damage from the top position. Sotiropoulos, in contrast, landed savage strikes to Pellegrino’s skull when he had top position.

Pellegrino saved his best offense for the last seconds of the fight when he dropped Sotiropoulos with a knee and attacked for the finish. But, alas for Pellegrino, the buzzer rang before he could get the finish.

Some pundits were hoping for a grappling showcase between the two jiu jitsu black belts — both of whom train with innovative jiu jitsu coaches — but the fight was decided on the feet and Sotiropoulos’ more polished striking was the difference.