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2010 Tour de France: Updates, Results, And Analysis Of The Most Grueling Contest In Sports

The 2010 Tour de France begins Saturday with the prologue, a brief, 8.9-kilometer stage in Rotterdam, South Holland. Live coverage begins at 11:30 AM on Versus.

The Tour will continue through Belgium and into France, where it will finally conclude with the 26th stage on July 25th. Throughout the race, you'll want to follow along with the experts at our cycling blog, Podium Cafe.

Why will you want to follow along? Perhaps you're interested to see whether Lance Armstrong can win what he has announced will be his final Tour de France, or perhaps you're subscribing to any number of compelling storylines involving the riders of this race. Or perhaps you're simply a casual observer who is interested in witnessing the most grueling, physically demanding contest in sports.

Regardless, you're here. In case you need to school up, here's a helpful series of previews:

- A helpful guide for those new to the Tour de France is here.
- Podium Cafe picks out the riders with a real chance to stand on the podium at the end of the month, and you can read it here.
- A full run-down of the 2010 Tour's most interesting riders is here.
- A list of compelling storylines to watch is here.
- If you're looking to follow the Tour without having to take three weeks off from work, your guide is here.
- Maps of all 26 stages are here.
- A comprehensive list of the 2010 Tour's most miserable, grueling hill climbs can be found here.

Throughout the month, you can keep up with all 26 stages of the Tour de France with all 20 stages (well, 21 if you count the prologue) at SB Nation and Podium Cafe.