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MLB Trade Rumors: White Sox Making Push For Edwin Jackson

The Nationals may be the team most in love with Edwin Jackson, but according to Ken Rosenthal, it might be the White Sox who land the Arizona righty:

#WhiteSox in serious discussions for Edwin Jackson. Would send RHP Daniel Hudson and a prospect to #Diamondbacks.

Previously, there were rumors of a three-way trade involving the White Sox, Nationals, and Diamondbacks exchanging Edwin Jackson and Adam Dunn. The Nationals really like Jackson, and the White Sox really like Dunn. The White Sox also have a hole in their rotation, though, and according to this rumor would go straight to Arizona for help.

One does have to wonder about the price. Both Jackson and Hudson have quality repertoires, and given the success the 23 year old Hudson has had in the minors, he may arguably be as good or better than Jackson right now, which says nothing about any additional prospect getting moved. If the Diamondbacks are able to exchange Jackson for Hudson and another youngster, they will have done themselves good.