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Matt Garza Thanks Rays Teammates With Bottles Of Whisky

Often, when a player has a particularly outstanding individual performance, he'll buy his teammates a gift. A small token of his appreciation, but even more so, recognition that he could not have accomplished his achievement -- no-hitter, rushing for 2,000 yards, setting an assist record -- without the help of the other guys in the locker room. Usually it's something like a dinner at a high-priced steakhouse, or a luxury watch.

But you can't get tipsy on a Timex or sip on some Seiko.

Enter Matt Garza, and his gift: bottles of Crown Royal Black, each presented in their own personalized embroidered bag.


Out Rays blog, DRays Bay, has the details from Garza:

"Becoming the first Rays player ever to pitch a no-hitter has been a great experience. I really couldn't have done it without the support from my team. To thank them for their nine innings of hard work, I decided to give them a personalized embroidered bag and bottle of Crown Royal Black. That way, we can all celebrate together when enjoying the new whisky."

For the record, a bottle of Black goes for about $26. What's the matter, Matt, couldn't spring for the high-end stuff?