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MLB Trade Rumors: Approaching Edwin Jackson Trade, White Sox Maintain Interest In Adam Dunn, Yankees Sniff Around?

The White Sox seem to be making real progress in their pursuit of Edwin Jackson, and it would appear that they're on the verge of getting him for the cost of Daniel Hudson and another prospect. Which is all good and everything for them, but then what? Ken Rosenthal suggests that - surprise! - Adam Dunn could re-enter the mix:

Source: Dunn still in play for #WhiteSox, poss 3-way with #D-backs, Jackson would go to #Nationals - or if deal fails, end up...with #WhiteSox. Deal in #Nationals' hands. #WhiteSox's Hudson ends up with #Diamondbacks either way. Highly unlikely to start tonight. #MLB

Source: #Nationals also fielding offers for Dunn from other clubs. Question evidently is whether they could do better than Jackson.

So, to get you caught up:

-The White Sox want a hitter, and the White Sox want a pitcher
-The Nationals have a hitter
-The Diamondbacks have a pitcher
-The Nationals like the Diamondbacks' pitcher
-The White Sox like the Nationals' hitter
-The White Sox like the Diamondbacks' pitcher
-The White Sox are close to trading for the Diamondbacks' pitcher
-The Nationals would then like the White Sox' pitcher

It's all very complicated, but in essence, if the White Sox land Edwin Jackson, they could elect to either keep him, or try to move him along to Washington in exchange for Adam Dunn. And that part would be sitting in the Nationals' hands, as Chicago would be open to either.

So who else is out there looking at Dunn? That's one of the bigger questions here, as the Nationals are eager to find out if they can do better than Edwin Jackson. Take it away, Rosenthal:

Rival exec still believes #Yankees are in heavy on Dunn. Their "we're out" message was directed at #Nationals: Quit messing around! #MLB

Other sources, however, say the #Yankees are indeed out on Dunn.

The Yankees are either in on Adam Dunn, or they are not. Very helpful, and not the least bit confusing. One wonders if the Yankees are just hanging out and waiting to see if the Rays get involved so they can either try to block the move, or at least bump up the price.