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MLB Trade Rumors: White Sox Working On 'Something Big'

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UPDATE: "Something big" didn't materialize, at least not in the rumored regard, and the White Sox went ahead and traded Daniel Hudson for Edwin Jackson. There is still the slim chance that Jackson gets flipped to Washington for Adam Dunn. Stay tuned.


So rumor has it the White Sox are hot after Edwin Jackson. How hot? Well, hold the phones.

Hold off on the Jackson trade folks, KW has something big cooking and if he gets it done Jackson trade is off.

If I had names I would report them. All I've been told is it's big. Also been told that the chance of Hudson starting tonight is almost zero

Jackson-Hudson deal is not off, it's just being delayed while KW tries to shock the world. Hudson for Jackson might still happen either way.

Here's what I've just been told - "If [KW] pulls this off, the Sox will be considerably better by tonight.''

So mysterious! And exactly the sort of thing we've come to expect from Kenny Williams, purveyor of deadline excitement. For one clue, we might turn to Bob Nightengale:

white sox Sox GM Kenny Williams, the king of the trade deadline, is quietly exploring possibility of acquring Brett Myers from Astros

It's possible that the White Sox could be chasing Brett Myers - who the Astros recently called untouchable - and Lance Berkman in a package, since Myers would fit the rotation need and Berkman could provide a cheaper version of Adam Dunn's bat. But that's just speculation on my part. I wouldn't say Kenny Williams is always one step ahead of everyone else, but he's at least one step to the side.