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Police Rule Lorenzen Wright's Death A Homicide

Memphis police have ruled former NBA player Lorenzen Wright's death a homicide by gunshot, according to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal.

The latest clue to emerge comes from Wright's ex-wife, Sherra Robinson. According to Robinson, three unknown men "with guns tucked in their waistbands" had come to her house in recent weeks and demanded to know if Wright was there visiting his six children. Robinson reportedly informed her divorce attorney, Gail Mathes, about the incident out of her for the safety of her family, but it's unknown if they reported the incident to the police. It's also unknown whether these three men played a part in Wright's death, and who, if any, suspects the police are currently investigating.

Wright, who had been missing since July 19th, was found in southeastern Memphis on July 28th, with reportedly up to twelve gunshot wounds. Police found his body after following a lead involving a 911 hangup the night of his disappearance, that included the sound of ten or so gunshots in the background.

Lorenzen Wright was 34-years old at the time of his death.