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Nationals Get Ryan Tatusko, Tanner Roark In Cristian Guzman Trade

What kind of return do you get for a veteran short-term infielder with a .687 OPS? William Ladson fills us in:

The #Nats are getting RHP Ryan Tatusko in the Cristian Guzman deal.

RHP Tanner Roark is the other pitcher going to the #Nats.

Tatusko is a 25 year old righty with a good ERA but a perilously low strikeout rate in his first exposure to AA. He's switched between the bullpen and the rotation, and doesn't look to be much of a prospect. As for Roark, he's a 23 year old who's been on the same pitching staff as Tatusko, and he's done better, with 75 strikeouts and 33 walks over 105 innings. His stuff, though, isn't exceptional, and while by and large his transition from relief to starting has been a success, he's got an uphill climb if he's ever going to make it. Not much impact potential here for the Nationals, which is about what you should expect for a guy like Cristian Guzman.