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MLB Trade Rumors: Lance Berkman's Effect On Adam Dunn, Nationals

It was never really clear to what degree the Yankees were in on Adam Dunn, but one thing's for sure - their acquisition of Lance Berkman doesn't help the Nationals in any way. Says Ken Rosenthal:

Berkman to #Yankees could put #Nationals in bind with Dunn. Nats lose big potential suitor. #WhiteSox can hold out for deal of their liking. #Rays can't be sure Dunn will succeed as DH after failed expriment w Burrell. #Nationals might be stuck.

There are a few teams who're still buzzing around Dunn - namely the White Sox, Rays, and Giants - but as suitors fall away, the Nationals lose leverage, meaning Mike Rizzo may have to lower his asking price or suck it up and keep Dunn for the rest of the year.

Sure enough, Berkman going to New York and Edwin Jackson going to Chicago have made this a very interesting day for the Nationals organization.