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MLB Trade Rumors: Nothing Doing With Blue Jays, Royals

The Blue Jays are in possession of a number of pieces that could theoretically be of great service to a contender. The Royals, meanwhile, having been trying to shed more and more parts after dealing Scott Podsednik and Alberto Callaspo. Where do each of these teams stand? Let's ask Jayson Stark:

Increasingly looking like #BlueJays won't be real active. Now telling teams they'd need to be "blown away" to move Jose Bautista.

Meanwhile in KC, keep hearing #Royals have made no headway on deals for Guillen, Farnsworth, Bloomquist, Bannister, etc.

The Royals bit makes sense, as they aren't selling any particularly desirable players. The Blue Jays are a little more surprising, as guys like Jose Bautista, Scott Downs, Kevin Gregg, and Jason Frasor could really help a number of teams, but Alex Anthopoulos has put a high price on all of his assets from the beginning, and he doesn't look to be backing down. Teams will continue to call Toronto about its relievers right up until the deadline, and we'll have to wait to see if anyone caves. Just how important is Scott Downs, really?