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MLB Trade Rumors: Rockies Willing To Part With Pair Of Relievers

The slumping Colorado Rockies are in more of a reloading stage than a rebuilding stage. This is what happens when a team's in a reloading stage:

#Rockies willing to trade LH reliever - Beimel or Flores - but want legit prospect back. Both are cheap: Beimel 850K, Flores 650K.

Well that's not very interesting. Lefty Joe Beimel is cheap, but he's a free agent after the year, and he has all of 13 strikeouts in 31.1 innings. Randy Flores, meanwhile, is also cheap and a free agent after the year, but he's hardly anything to write home about. If the Rockies make deadline moves, and the deadline moves involve Joe Beimel and Randy Flores, are the deadline moves interesting? It's hard to see how anyone would want to part with "legit prospects" for one of these guys, but I've been surprised before.