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Astros Actually Picking Up Much Of Lance Berkman's Check After All

Perhaps I was too hasty in assuming that Ken Davidoff's tweet meant that the Yankees would be paying Lance Berkman's salary. Buster Olney chimes in:

Heard this: The Astros are picking up a lot of the money owed to Lance Berkman in their agreement with the Yankees, and the NYY won't be giving up any major prospects.

So, to review:

-the Astros wanted to trade Lance Berkman
-the Yankees wanted to trade for Lance Berkman
-the Yankees traded for Lance Berkman
-the Astros will pay for most of Lance Berkman
-the Yankees will surrender little talent for Lance Berkman

I'm not gonna lie to you - I don't really get it, from Houston's perspective. But then, I suppose we can't evaluate this move until we actually know the names of the prospects themselves. There could be something interesting in there.