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Sounder at Heart: Trade "Seems Like A Reasonably Good Fit"

Sounder at Heart (S@H) has had a busy week, with the Ljungberg trade coming on the heels of the Álvaro Fernández signing (with plenty of speculation surrounding each).

There, Jeremiah Oshan offers his thoughts on Seattle trading away their first designated player:

According to several sources, most reliably Joshua Mayers of the Seattle Times, Ljungberg is -- amazingly -- staying in MLS. I don't know how the idea of him going somewhere like Chicago escaped my imagination, but this seems like a reasonably good fit. I don't think it gets him any closer to the playoffs, but his starting job is probably more secure and he's moving to a bigger market. No news yet on what the Sounders would be receiving in return, but this would clear up plenty of space for Alvaro Fernandez, as well as make signing a third Designated Player a possibility.

In related news is the report that the Sounders have offered a DP contract to Fredy Montero. The source is not nearly as firm as Mayers, but they are the same people who correctly broke the story that Luis Gil was going to either Salt Lake or Seattle.

For more on Ljungberg, Fernández and now Montero, visit SB Nation's SSFC blog: Sounder at Heart.