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MLB Trade Rumors: Cardinals Looking Hard At Jake Westbrook

The Cardinals have long been searching for a rotation upgrade and were in on Roy Oswalt, but that very clearly didn't materialize. So, in response, they've turned their attention to a cheaper, more attainable arm:

The St. Louis Cardinals have made Cleveland Indians pitcher Jake Westbrook their No. 1 target leading into the trade deadline, according to teams that have spoken with them.

Westbrook is a sinkerballer with passable fourth-starter numbers who would and could slide in with ease behind Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, and Jaime Garcia. He'd be exactly what you'd think he'd be - a moderate, unsexy improvement on a team with a lot of star power but little in the way of depth. One sticking point, according to Jayson Stark:

In addition to the nearly $4 million remaining on his $11 million salary, Westbrook's contract would pay him a $2 million bonus if he gets traded.

The unofficial odds that Westbrook gets moved are '50-50', and if he gets moved, the Cardinals are the overwhelming favorites to get him.

Westbrook is slated to start tomorrow afternoon.