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MLB Trade Rumors: Pirates Talking About Chris Snyder

The Diamondbacks have had some desirable pieces they wanted to move, and some less desirable pieces they wanted to move. One of said latter pieces is backstop Chris Snyder, but they may have found a match anyway:

The Diamondbacks and Pirates have spoken about a trade that would send catcher Chris Snyder to Pittsburgh, major-league sources said Friday.

Arizona would almost certainly need to include a substantial amount of cash in the deal.

Snyder is due $5.75m next season and has a $0.75m buyout for a 2012 option, so he's been made available primarily due to financial reasons. Another reason is that he's been passed up by the younger, cheaper Miguel Montero. So Arizona let the world know that Snyder was available, and it seems that piqued the Pirates' interest. The Pirates have used Ryan Doumit, Jason Jaramillo, and Erik Kratz behind the plate this year, but Doumit is currently suffering from a concussion and is not very able in the field, and neither of the other two are particularly notable.

Snyder has a career .737 OPS, and hit 16 home runs in 2008. He's also hit better on the road than at home, easing some concerns that Arizona's environment was boosting his numbers.