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Starting To Get Old; Alex Rodriguez Again Goes Homerless On Friday

Now this is getting annoying. Friday makes it the eighth straight game that Alex Rodriguez has remained stuck at 599 career home runs, having managed the following effort against Wade Davis and the Rays bullpen:


-fly out

-foul out

-foul out

And this time, the Yankees lost 3-2, their lead in the East over the Rays getting cut in half. Bad news all around. So what's A-Rod looking at tomorrow? Saturday evening will bring him Matt Garza, who's fresh off the first no-hitter in Rays franchise history. The righty is very good, and has electric stuff, but I'm beyond the point of wanting to analyze A-Rod's chances of going deep every day. If he does it, he does it. If he doesn't do it, well, wow, that would be embarrassing.