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Diamondbacks Trade Edwin Jackson To White Sox

It appears that the White Sox have followed through on their pursuit of Edwin Jackson to the end. Says Yahoo!'s Tim Brown:

Edwin Jackson has been told he's been traded to the White Sox. Flip to DC next?

No word yet on the return, but it will almost certainly include Daniel Hudson and a second player. The 23 year old Hudson has a four-pitch repertoire, a fastball in the 90s, and a track record of minor league success in the upper levels, making him a solid prospect and a good value for the future.

Jackson, meanwhile, means one of two things. He could stay in Chicago and serve as a veteran presence in the middle of the rotation, stabilizing a group that was knocked around by the Jake Peavy injury. Or, alternatively, he could be shipped off to Washington, as the Nationals are rather big Edwin Jackson fans. That follow-up trade would presumably bring Adam Dunn to Chicago as part of a deal that's been discussed for a number of days.

Whatever happens now, at least Arizona can turn its attention elsewhere. We'll see if there are more dominos to fall after this one. For more on the story and the deal, check out South Side Sox, AZ Snakepit, SB Nation Arizona, and SB Nation Chicago.