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MLB Trade Rumors: White Sox Saying They're Out On Adam Dunn; Rays In?

Setting a high price for a player is always nice in theory. In practice, it can backfire, as the Nationals are beginning to figure out:

#WhiteSox saying, again, that they are out on Dunn. If that's true, Dunn could stay with #Nationals. #Rays only in at rt price

#Nationals don't seem ready to budge. So, barring mystery team, hard to see Dunn deal. #WhiteSox can wait until Aug. - Alex Rios time.

This could be posturing on the White Sox's part, but they wouldn't be the first team to grow weary of Washington's demands. If the Nationals finish tomorrow with Dunn still on the roster, they will have made a mistake.

As Rosenthal points out, though, not all hope is lost. Says Jon Perrotto:

Hearing #Rays might make one more push at the deadline for a bat (Corey Hart or Luke Scott) to counteract #Yankees' moves tonight.

Perrotto, of course, doesn't mention Dunn, but he is there as a possibility, and the Rays have rumored to be interested on several occasions before. The issue would be Washington's price and getting Dunn to DH, but if they want to catch up to the Yankees, Dunn would be among the boldest of moves they could make.