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Diamondbacks Receive Three Players In Chris Snyder Trade

Sending catcher Chris Snyder to Pittsburgh was motivated more by financial reasons than anything else, but it wasn't a straight salary dump - the Diamondbacks will be receiving three players from Pittsburgh.

The D-backs will get right-hander D.J. Carrasco, outfielder Ryan Church and infielder Bobby Crosby from the Pirates for Snyder.

Carrasco might be the most interesting of the bunch, as he's a moderately effective righty reliever with two more years of team control. Corner outfielder Church has been a major disappointment this year and hasn't built off gains he made as a National earlier in his career, and is a good candidate to be a free agent in a few months. And Crosby is more filler, as the infielder has managed a .595 OPS on the season. The Diamondbacks get the most players, but they don't get the best one.

Also going Pittsburgh's way, along with Snyder? Prospect Pedro Ciriaco. The soon-to-be 25 year old middle infielder is an athletic defender who doesn't offer much in the way of patience or power at the plate.