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MLB Trade Rumors: Adam Dunn Pursued By Tigers, White Sox, And Rays, But May Stay Put

We're now three hours and change from the trade deadline (4:00 P.M. Eastern), and the biggest prize, Nationals slugger Adam Dunn, has not moved. However, the Tigers, White Sox, and Rays are still in the mix, tweets Jim Bowden of Fox Sports:

Confirmed....3 Teams are still "in" on Adam Dunn: Detroit, Chicago WS and Tampa Bay....50/50 he's moved....Confirmed

The biggest issue regarding Adam Dunn is that Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo is refusing to lower his asking price. Jayson Stark tweets:

Odds of Adam Dunn going anywhere today are less than 50-50, sources say. #Nationals still say not lowering price. #trades

Dunn himself would like to be moved, and has even made something of an about-face by saying that he'd be okay with serving as a designated hitter. This is certainly where the Rays and White Sox would want to put him.

How Dunn would fit with the Tigers, though, is a little more interesting. Dunn can only really play left field (occupied by Rookie of the Year candidate Brennan Boesch), first base (Miguel Cabrera, who is making a mockery of American League pitching), and designated hitter (Johnny Damon, who is still productive at the plate). The most likely option would be to vacate the DH spot by moving Damon to center field, but Damon's back issues may present an issue, and the speed of current center fielder Austin Jackson is nice to keep in the lineup.

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