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Nicholas Greenwood Is Second Prospect In Ludwick/Westbrook Trade; Going To St. Louis

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And Tom Krasovic has the name of the other prospect in today's Jake Westbrook/Ryan Ludwick three-way trade as well.

#Padres minor league LHP Nicholas Greenwood goes to #Cardinals

I'll allow someone else to do the evaluation:

Non-Padres scout: "Great deal for SD. Kluber is a fringe No. 5 SP, Greenwood a non-prospect."

Greenwood is a 22 year old A-ball southpaw who's been working out of the rotation. His fastball tops out around 90 and hovers in the high 80s, and his preferred secondary pitch is a curveball. He is a long, long ways away.

Really does look like San Diego comes out on top, here.